Saturday, 2 April 2011


Recently I've become more attracted to pink things, rather than the usual dark blue or purple. It's really kicked in now it's summer! I always start dressing in psychobilly or a bit like Courtney Love in the summer rather than the gothic styles I wear in the winter. xD Anyway, I bought a gorgeous metallic pink nail varnish yesterday! It is from Stargazer's Ultra Cover range. They have so many amazing colours and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it could be applied (I wasn't really expecting anything amazing as it was quite cheap). It was the first time I tried their nail varnishes but I suspect I'll be buying more - I have a real obsession with metallics and glitter! I'll just wait to see how long it stays on before chipping before doing so. :)

I also now have a bit of pink in my hair! :) (excuse the bad angle, it's so you can see the hair properly!) I knid of want to shave the back of my head at the bottom, but don't want the hassle of growing it out! :/

Now all I need is my boyfriend to dress up like this (below) and we can have wonderful pink fluffy adventures! Image is taken from a Tim Walker shoot for Italian Vogue in 2007 (can't remember which issue).

Heather. x

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