Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'll start with this amazing designer I found today; Michal Negrin

He creates some truly amazing items, from intricate jewellery and gorgeous prints for clothes to cute figurines and business card holders. If I had more money and wore pastel colours more I would definitely be buying a lot from him!

In other news, at college today I made some samples using the Shibori technique. The second one reminds me of the suckers on an octopus!

I liked the way they turned out, maybe I'll do some more next week. :) I also made a sample which we all agreed looked better as some kind of snazzy bracelet!
And thankfully, the latex sheeting I've been making had dried so I could then fashion part of it into some kind of bracelet/gauntlet thing. At the moment it reminds of Wonder Woman's indestructable bracelets, but hopefully when I decorate it, it will at least slightly resemble something that can be used in my final project. Will post more pictures upon completion!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011



Welcome to my new blog! I've had a few blogs on various websites in the past, but they were left to rot in a cornerof the Internet after a few posts because I'm terrible at remembering to update these things!
However, this time, I've promised myself to update regularly, as this is a good way to document what I do and when I do it. I will be posting mainly about the things I make, maybe a tutorial here and there, inspirations and anything insteresting that I happen to do or see. And you never know, someone out there might actually read it. :)

Bye for now!