Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So I haven't really been on here lately as it's the last couple of weeks of my pre-degree course, so I'm extremely busy! However it's all good fun as I'm in love with my final piece, it involves (handmade!) gold latex and amazing blue fabric! Will post a picture when it's done :)

Anyway, I tend to daydream an awful lot, and recently I've really been missing Berlin. I visited in February, and ever since I got on the plane back to England I've wanted to go back. Seriously, there isn't an adequate word to desribe how much I want to go back or how I felt when I was there. Everything I saw and experienced was just incredible, it felt like home.

Here's a picture of me in front of the Brandenburg Gate, something everyone has to take a picture of when they go to Berlin for the first time.

(p.s. that's my favourite coat, it was a surprise Christmas present and I love it to bits! :3 I also made the bag I'm carrying and matching headbow!)


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